NCGS and NYSAIS Offer Educating Girls Symposium

NCGS is partnering with the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) to present a one-day professional development symposium:

Educating Girls: Be Well, Lead Well*
Monday, April 6, 2015

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
The Nightingale-Bamford School
New York, NY
Keynote speaker: Rachel Simmons

This symposium will combine theory and practice to help schools improve the educational journey for girls in girls’ schools and coed schools, thereby improving the experience for all learners. The event is for all educators who work with girls in grades K-12.

Online registration is now open!

*"Be Well, Lead Well" is a tagline for Hathaway Brown School


Save the Date for the 2015 NCGS Conference

2015 NCGS Conference
Girls' Schools Leading the Way

June 22 - 24, 2015

St. Catherine's School
Richmond, VA

The 2015 NCGS Conference will provide educators with an innovative opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, participate in content-based discussions, share classroom materials, learn about web-based teaching resources, and exchange best practices for teaching girls.

Girls' schools lead the way in graduating women who become our nation’s scientists, doctors, engineers, designers, and inventors. Research shows that girls' school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering careers compared to girls who attend coed schools. Nevertheless, women continue to be vastly underrepresented in STEM careers. For this reason, the 2015 NCGS Conference will also serve as a forum for educators to further examine why so many girls choose not to pursue careers in STEM-related fields and, even more important, how we can empower girls to shift this paradigm.

We hope you will join us for From STEM to STEAM!


NCGS Releases New Research About Girls' School Experience

It is with much excitement that NCGS releases Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools. This robust new research report is a comparative analysis of responses to the High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE), which was taken by nearly 13,000 girls attending all-girls schools, coed independent schools, and coed public schools. The girls' responses provide unequivocal support for the value of an all-girls educational environment.

HSSSE is a comprehensive survey of student attitudes, behaviors, and experiences administered with the goal of generating discussions on teaching and learning and guiding student improvement initiatives. An analysis of the survey results reveals that girls attending all-girls schools are more likely to have an experience that supports their learning than are girls attending coed schools (independent and public).

Please contact to request individual copies of the report. Click here for the publication form to order multiple copies at member or non-member rates. To hear an interview with the author of the report, Dr. Richard Holmgren, click here.